Piercing the dark. Fronting a mile-long curved and polished hood. Nestled between sculpted wheel fenders while framing a huge chrome radiator. Bronze Art Deco accents....A combination of polished aluminum and brass brings home 1930's style, perfection and craftsmanship. Check out its details, its imposing size and the tall ebonized tripod complete with a travel compass dating back to the Mille-Miglia of the 1920's.
  • Dimensions: 29.25" W x 70.75" H
  • Intricate replica in metal and pressed glass of the late 1920's original
  • Adjusts up or down, incline head
  • Attention to detail, antique brass and polished aluminum
  • Coil cord is stylish and eliminates extra cord all over the floor
  • Tri-arm locking mechanism with dry compass in center
  • UL & CE listed/approved, 60 watt
  • Floor dimmer function

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