Bill Fish Statues

San Pacific Sailfish Statue

Solid brass sculptureMarble baseImperial finishHeight: 33"Width: 14"Depth: 6"Free Shipping!!


San Pacific Sailfish Statue

Imperial FinishSolid marble baseSolid brass sculptureHeight: 17-1/2"Width: 20-1/2"Depth: 10"Free Sh...


San Pacific Museum Sailfish Statue

Solid marble baseSolid brass sculptureHeight: 16"Width: 25-1/2"Depth: 9"Free Shipping!!


San Pacific Marlin Statue

Solid marble baseSolid brass sculpturePatina finishHeight: 34"Free Shipping!!


San Pacific Slam Marlin and Sailfish Statue

Solid brass sculptureImperial finishMarble baseHeight: 15"Width: 12"Depth: 6"Free Shipping!!


San Pacific Keys Marlin and Sailfish Statue

Brass and Marble ConstructionHeight: 15"Width: 12"Depth: 6"Free Shipping!!


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